Right now and not a minute longer! Your hunger pangs have so been waiting for the new, ready-to-eat snacks from the Frostkrone Food Group. You can now satisfy your hunger at any time because enjoying tasty snacks while on the move has just become really easy!

So new but already so popular: the ready-to-eat snacks have secured a firm foothold amongst the culinary delights of the Frostkrone Food Group. These small coins and tots, whether they’re hearty, crunchy or sweet-tasting, satisfy your hunger perfectly thanks to their delicious mix of cheese and vegetables. And because these little ones are really hitting the big time, a new plant was opened in Paderborn/Germany in July 2021 to turn out the endless variations and individual flavours.

When is it snack time?

It’s always appetite o’clock: and ready-to-eat snacks are now welcome more than ever!

Savouring tasty snacks while in the car, bus or on the train is a particular favourite. And when on the go with the family, these nibbles are just perfect. After sport or in the office, such treats are the best way to rev up your energy levels in between meals. And at home the snack tastes even more scrumptious!

The way to a football fan’s heart is through his stomach, and that’s been the case for Borussia Dortmund and the Frostkrone Food Group for the past 5 years!

BVB bus driver Christian “Schulle” Schulz is not the only one who likes the new ready-to-eat snacks while he keeps the bus in readiness for the players. So do Jude Belllingham, Marius Wolf and Reinier Jesus. No fuss at all and no need to heat the snacks up, just perfect for on the road!

Our pick’n’mix selection!

The incredible variety of ready-to-eat goodies is ready to roll.

We’ve got coins, mini balls and tots. The little snacks are available in so many different combinations of ingredients including vegetable selections, vegetables coupled with cheese or just hearty cheese variations. And all the creations are topped with a tasty breadcrumb coating perfected with seeds, grains and the like!

This is great: snack boxes for easy handling, an appetisingly cool design and tailored to suit the hunger needs and grazing trends of the snacker generation.

These handy boxes with a resealable lid are always ready to be picked up, invariably good to go and especially right for when you’re on the road. The merchandise display stands and the packaging design are real eye-catchers and visually communicate so well the ready-to-eat advantages of the product.

Get in contact!

We are looking forward to help you if you have any questions.

Carsten Petry

Head of Sales

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